Heavyweight (Champion)

Name: Guy Hammond
MMA Record: AM 6-1-0
Nickname: Baby Face
Age: 30
DOB: January 8, 1987
Height: 6'3
Weightclass: Heavyweight (Champion)
Affiliation: Team Jucao NY

Bio: Guy began his fighting career at Team Tigon under Master Ron McEvilly. At Team Tigon, Guy developed his striking and ground style. Currently Guy trains at Team Jucao New York under Professor Nels Larson and Professor Alan Gatoff. Guy is looking to wrap up his Amateur career and look to enter into the professional ranks of MMA.


Welterweight (Champion)

Name: Travis Simpson
MMA Record: AM 8-3-0
Nickname: The Terror
Age: 22
DOB: July 13th 1995
Height: 5'11
Affiliation: Atlas Jiu Jitsu Glens Falls

Travis wrestled in high school for 3 years. He spent a lot of time off season training and for his my senior year he wrestled 2 weight classes up at 182lbs taking 2nd at states. He also competed in New England and national tournaments. Started doing MMA from straight from highschool and currently holds the Kaged Kombat Welterweight Title.

Lightweight (Champion)

Name: Matt Bienia
MMA Record: AM 4-0-0
Nickname: The Machine
Age: 28
DOB: 1989
Height: 5'9
Weightclass: Lightweight (Champion)
Affiliation: Zen Quest Martial Arts Center